Friday, 17 April 2015

Photo shoot in the wild

Hello everybody! Today's article will be about nature. I'll show you the part of the places, where's the best photos.
The first:
In the town. Find a place that will captivate and simply take a photos.

The second:
In your garden. It's spring, so the period, of all flowers. Find some flowering shrub or tree.

The third:
Remote place is awesome for cleaning the heads, but also for shooting. Later, editing photos to black and white effect and you're done.

The fourth:
Under water. It will be original and beautiful. In summer you can take friends to swimming pool and make a family heirloom.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

❤ ℓovε ❤

It is some special mood when you have butterflies in your belly. You can't eat or sleep and you are only thinking about him/her. You're for all of time happy.But when you for a long time don't see him/her, you are sad.

Have you got a boyfriend/ girlfriend? Are you happy? 


I really love chocolate or other sweets,  but this isn't good for my body. I want so perfect body like this for summer holiday.

What can we eat and drink?
We can eat fruits, vegetables.
We can eat fruits like:
• orange, strawberry, melon, apple, pineapple, pear

We can eat vegetables like:
• pepper, carrot

We must drink a lot of water!

What can't we eat and drink?
We can't eat chocolate, chips

We shouldn't drink lots of drinks like coca cola, sprite...

We should train!
                                                                       !JUST DO IT!


I will have tattoo. I like flowers, ornaments, dragons and others. I want something on my left hand maybe on my back. Tattoo should describe me same. I want some "tumblr" tattoo like this.

I like this tattoo but i don't know how much does it cost. There're very nice colour. It looks very beautifully and very professionally. What's your opinion?


My favourite flower is rose. It is very beautiful flower with white, yellow, pink, red and blue colour. I love blue colour on rose, because this flower is so special.

You can have this pretty flower at home. It will be nice decoration on your night table or on your PC desk.

✿  I want to give you a rose, but you give me only sharp scissors in the back! ✿   

For the first moment

Hi dear. This blog is about my life. I will show you my favourite things... but sometimes i will show you what I'm really don't like. Maybe it will be boring, but read it please... 

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